Proactive VS. Reactive Maintenance

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We are your training resource for capper support

By Jim Smith, President, JD Machinery Sales and Service Inc

I recently published an article on benefits 3rd party capper support. All of those points remain valid but a new issue is rapidly making life difficult for the bottlers. With the baby boomers retiring and the economy booming creating a tight labor market it is getting exceedingly difficult to keep and train qualified staff to maintain your packaging equipment. As we all know those qualified maintenance technicians simply are not available in the marketplace, they must be trained to meet your specific needs. Training new workers can be the solution but it raises another problem. Training is time-consuming and it ties up your experienced staff in what can be deemed “nonproductive work”.  Of course, training is productive and extremely important but it means your highly qualified staff is not doing the job they need to do to, keep up line efficiency and perform the scheduled preventive maintenance required to avoid unscheduled line breakdowns.

There is a solution, bring in outside 3rd party service support for training. Qualified technicians can help with the following.

  • 1st and perhaps most important, teach how to be proactive vs reactive with the maintenance of the equipment.
  • Freedom to conduct class and training without “emergency interruptions”
  • Perform scheduled PM’s to free up your staff as part of the training process.
  • Train your new employees with both hands-on and classroom training.
  • Experienced technicians have prepared material to properly educate and train your employees. Training material can be left with the students.
  • Provide a refresher course to your current staff on proper machine setup, proper rebuild procedures, PM schedules, and more. Be proactive vs reactive
  • Prepare detailed Standard Operating Procedures, SOPs, to leave as a training and reference resource Capper-set-up-sop
  • Step in during a labor shortage to perform scheduled maintenance and full machine rebuilds. This can become part of the training process.

JD Machinery Sales and Service Inc is a resource for highly experience capper technicians with long experience providing staff training. Our two support groups are led by highly experienced technicians with a combined 55 years of capper field service support. We can provide training and support for Arol, CSI/Alcoa, Krones, US Bottlers Zalkin, and more.

Ask us how we can help. We would be pleased to provide details on our training and the process to get started.

JD Machinery Sales and Service Inc

Exclusive USA Distributor for Magnetic Technologies Ltd Capper Clutches

668 Yellow Rose Ct

Rock Hill, SC, 29732

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