A Capping Machine is used for the application of plastic and metal threaded caps as well as plastic snap caps, some fitments, and some types of corks and plugs.  Capping can be one of the more problematic aspects of liquid packaging.  Problems vary, from threading match to size difficulties; these problems can impact cost effectiveness and efficiency.  JD Machinery understands the wide array of capping needs.

JD Machinery Sales and Service represents the latest in Capping Machine technology.  Our Capping Machines are equipped with the latest technologies to achieve the highest speeds and most accurately capped bottles on the market.  Our newest cappers are maintenance friendly with lubrication free spindles that provide a simple 2 bolt release mechanism.  We have cappers available from 4 – 20 heads.  Our hot cappers are supplied with lubrication free drive gears, this eliminates the worries about hot juice and steam washing away the lubrication.

Applications for our Capping Machines include carbonated (sparkling water, energy drinks, soda), hot fill juice, water and dairy.  Our pick and place free-standing cappers include spindle speed control, custom enclosed cams and quick-change spindles.  All machines are available with HEPA filtration guarding.

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Our Pick and Place capper offers customization with 4 to 30 heads.  These are designed for both multi lead and single lead closures.  Features include:

Our Free-Standing Rotary Capping Equipment is ideal for: aerosol, flip top, press-on, dispensing, long and short skirt ROPP, sport caps, over caps and pre-threaded caps of all types.  It can serve cap sizes up to 110 mm.  The high-speed bottle capping heads provide for repeatable and reliable cap application.  The high-speed production improves time efficiency while maintaining precision.  Our Free-Standing Rotary Capping Equipment reduces product spillage and has features to keep products safe and sanitary.


A perfect solution to your food and distillery application.  ROPP Capper is a Roll On Pilfer Proof capper designed to thread and seal aluminum caps onto rigid containers. ROPP Cappers are a specialized capping machine ideal for wine bottles, distilled spirits, olive oils, pharmaceutical products, or any other product that requires evidence that the container has been sealed and that no tampering has occurred.

The Automatic ROPP Capper is built to thread aluminum roll-on pilfer proof (ROPP) caps onto containers.  A capping head for plastic caps is also available for the ROPP Capper.  Automatic ROPP capping machines can roll up to a power conveyor and use one or more heads to seal bottles as part of a full packaging system, or they can be used as a stand-alone capping station.  The ROPP capping heads can be adjusted for an assortment of container shapes, diameters, and heights. The sealing & threading pressure can be easily adjusted.  Centering guides fitted in the heads ensure that bottle is centered properly before capping to ensure precise and accurate capping.


We can also work with our Vendor to provide our clients rebuilt options for existing cappers including ROPP and screw caps. Full rebuilds are available for several OEM equipment options including Alcoa and Zalkin, through our vendor. All completed machine rebuilds would come with a 1 year warranty. Machinery guarding would be upgraded to industry standards and a production test for FAT is available.