NEWS RELEASE – Magnetic Technologies Announces Exclusive Capping Distributor For The USA

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OXFORD, MA, June 17, 2020: Magnetic Technologies LTD is pleased to announce a change in our distribution for our complete line of hysteresis capping heads. JD Machinery Sales & Service Inc. will now be our exclusive US national distributor.

JD Machinery is led by Jim Smith and brings decades of capping experience with a full understanding of the beverage bottling, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetics industries. JD Machinery has been a distributor of the Magnetic Technologies capping clutches since 2008 and is more than prepared to step into their new exclusive nationwide role.

JD Machinery also offers top-notch, experienced capper installation, service, and support. The support staff offered by JD Machinery comes with 55 years of field work and is fully trained on the complete line of Magnetic Technologies hysteresis capping clutches. In addition to installation and service, JD Machinery will be able to qualify and train end users and staff on the product.

We offer clutches for all major OEM capping equipment including Arol, Alcoa/CSI, Avi, Fogg, Federal, KHS, Krones, Tedelta, Ronchi, US Bottlers, Warner, Zalkin and more.

Please join us in welcoming Jim Smith and JD Machinery to their new expanded role with Magnetic Technologies LTD.

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