Magnetic Capping Headsets and Capping Clutches

Magnetic Technologies ltd Now Offering a Headset Exchange Program

You can keep your capping heads factory rebuilt and certified on the recommended schedule. Magnetic Technologies ltd and JD Machinery Sales and Service Inc. are working together to provide a headset and rebuild exchange program for our clients. The rebuilds will be complete and factory certified. If you need heads for the exchange talk to us, we have some very attractive options available.  We are working to make this a very attractive maintenance program you do not want to miss out on.

Magnetic Capping Headsets

JD Machinery Sales and Service has partnered with Magnetic Technologies as their original National distributor to provide the highest quality product at a price that helps stretch your maintenance budget. We’re here when you’re ready, call 803-322-4890 or contact us online here.

Ask us About Our Lifetime Warranty

Magnetic Technologies Pioneered the use of sealed magnets nearly 40 years ago and was incorporated into our very first capping headset. This feature has allowed us to offer a lifetime warranty on our magnets.

jd machinery lifetime warranty

Magnetic Technologies Capper Headsets

We take our product offering to the next level bringing decades of capper support service and application experience to our clients.  We are committed to first diagnosing your problem and then providing the correct solution. Every install is available with support service for installation, qualification and training.

Our hysteresis headsets are widely used in the industry by the largest beverage companies to the small family packer. The Magnetic Technologies capping heads are made as direct drop in aftermarket units for every OEM machine. Markets include hot fill juice, water, carbonated beverages, dairy, chemical, distilled spirits, pharmaceutical, and more.

Every Magnetic Technologies capping clutch comes with a lifetime magnet warranty. Magnetic Technologies Ltd. industry leading technology is highlighted by their Patented Polygon Top Load Drive System.

Convert from Gripper Chucks One Piece Cap Chuck

JD Machinery offers a proven conversion package with over a dozen installs at the largest beverage packers to convert your Zalkin capper from gripper chucks to a “one piece chuck” This conversion has been shown to improve your application rate and lower future maintenance costs. Our conversion will require an audit trip by Premier Package Solutions to confirm the design requirements. We will also require service support for installation and qualification.

Standard Hysteresis Headsets

Most bottle capping clutches today are magnetic, but of the synchronous design. The synchronous design uses two sets of opposed magnets to achieve the desired torque.

These clutches tighten the cap much like an impact wrench tightens the lugs on an automobile tire. With today’s thinner materials, higher speeds, and need for more precise torque, synchronous clutches are quickly becoming obsolete in the workplace.

In the hysteresis design, the magnets drive the torque through a special material called the hysteresis disc. The hysteresis disc generates a completely smooth, highly repeatable torque to the bottle cap. The result is improved accuracy of application and less wear on the clutch and the machine itself

Our clutches are standard with stainless steel construction. Our magnets are double encapsulation and feature a lifetime warranty.

Smooth Torque Hysteresis Headset

Smooth Torque hysteresis capping headsets work with all existing OEM equipment. In the hysteresis design, the magnets drive torque through what is called the hysteresis disc. The hysteresis disc generates a completely smooth, highly repeatable torque to the bottle cap.

The result is consistent application torque to the cap for easy removal and longer life machine components such as anti-rotation knives and spindle gears. Magnetic Technologies headsets use the highest quality magnets, design techniques, and materials to bring you the best capping clutch for your money.

Hysteresis Magnetic Capping Headset

Dairy Heads Available As Direct Drop In Units For Milk Fillers

Complete capping assembly specifically designed for the dairy industry and existing machinery. Smooth Torque Technology provides less shock on the system compared to pulsating torque headsets, and constant torque enabling longer life of machine components and eliminating over-tightening of caps by reducing variation of removal torque. Torques are fully adjustable across a wide range. Direct drop-in replacements for Blackhawk STS capping system, Federal and Fogg fillers.

Our hysteresis clutches offer an easily adjustable torque range capable of handling the older “Snap Screw” Caps as well as the new 38 mm DBJ closures.



  • Alcoa
  • Arol
  • Ave
  • Capmatic
  • Federal
  • Filler Specialties
  • Fogg
  • Krones
  • Ronchi
  • US Bottlers
  • Warner Electric
  • Zalkin
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