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This short video points out a little-known issue with a ratcheting capper clutch. They can under the right circumstances actually loosen the cap as they release the chuck from the closure. This can happen when the pulsating magnets are caught in just the wrong position. You can also clearly see the pulsating nature of the synchronous clutch. That may be desired for some applications but certainly not for most if not all bottle capping applications. The ratcheting-pulsation heads will increase wear on key capper components such as anti-rotation knives, cap chucks, spindle gears and more. They can also wrinkle an induction seal designed to provide an environmental oxygen barrier or tamper evident seal. On the new ultra-light weight closures common in the bottled water industry you can also drive the cap past the stop point. The problem is that many of these types of failures are not detectable by inspection equipment and lead to bad product reaching the market. Consumers can be very unforgiving.

Magnetic Technologies hysteresis capping clutches avoid these problems by applying a smooth constant torque which stall and stop the chuck rotation on reaching torque.  This offers additional distinct advantages which help make hysteresis capping heads the superior option. The smooth torque hysteresis magnets in a capping clutch will provide a more consistent application torque. This tighter range allows for a lower torque application set point while staying above the minimum torque requirement and this in turn means lower, more consumer friendly, removal torques.

The Magnetic Technologies capping headsets bring superior design features to the industry. Magnetic Technologies first engineered fully sealed magnet assemblies for their hysteresis clutches decades ago for use in magnetic tape machines. The sealed magnet technology transferred smoothly to their capping clutches and allow Magnetic Technologies to offer a lifetime magnet warranty. Magnetic Technologies also brought a new patented top load headset drive design to the industry with the polygon drive which always self-centers the chuck when under load. The polygon system is easy to maintain and does not damage the head as keyways or dowel pins do as they wear. This is the strongest top load drive in the industry and will allow for lube-less operation if desired.

The Magnetic Technologies heads use a fully sealed, stainless steel double row bearing located high up in the clutch to provide exception life. When rebuilds are required a low-cost rebuild kit is offered to allow these rebuilds to be done in house at the client’s facility or sent to the factory for inspection and rebuild.

Direct drop in units are available for all OEM machinery including Alcoa/CSI, Zalkin, AROL, Krones Fogg, US Bottlers and more

JD Machinery Sales and Service Inc. in conjunction with Premier Packaging Solutions LLC facilitates the install and qualification with our highly experienced service support.  At JD Machinery our goal is to provide solutions to our clients so we always look to determine the capping application issue before offering a recommendation. We strive to be your partner not just a vendor.

Contact us at JD Machinery Sales and Service Inc. for further details and pricing on the Magnetic Technologies line of Hysteresis capping headsets

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