Magnetic Technologies and JD Machinery Sales and Service Introduce a NEW Pressure Gravity Filling Valve

Filler Valve Render

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JD Machinery is your exclusive distributor for the new Magnetic Technologies Pressure Gravity filling valve assembly. Myself and my service group have a combined 75 years of experience with pressure gravity fillers. This experience allows us to understand what makes a great filling valve and how to feed product to the machinery as well as what is required to provide a great valve to meet our client’s individual needs. We are not just selling a product for your filler but providing the support to install and qualify our valves.

Check out our great features:

316 SS materials

Made and stocked in the USA

No valve tip O ring

Custom valve internal seal engineered to provide proper finish between seal and upper inner to extend seal life

Optional CIP cups designed to meet your QC standards

Optional plastic valve tips when running glass bottles

Engineered valve sealing arrangement, using proprietary elastomer to adapt to the highly polished inner tube for NO-LEAK, NO-WEAR operation.

Assembled by highly trained technicians to the highest industry standards.

Each valve 100% inspected before shipment.

The industry we serve include hot fill juice, distilled spirits, water and pharma. We offer long term support with our rebuild and exchange program. Our clients get a new factory certified valve installed by our great staff.

Ask us how we can help.

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