JD Machinery is the one stop source for a complete bottle and cap change on your filling and capping equipment including cap sorting, chucks, headsets, and bottle control parts.

We also offer new and rebuilt filling and capper machinery all fully supported with service and installation!


New and Rebuilt Machinery specializing in filling and capping equipment. High speed waterfall style cap sorters, chutes and cap transport. Slower speed rotary style sorters and cap pick-off heads also available.


Capping Chucks available in multiple styles and configurations for Alcoa, Zalkin, Krones, Fogg, Arol and more. Custom designs for solid chuck, grippers, serrated or smooth rubber lined jaws.


Magnetic Technologies capping headsets with designs for all OEM capping equipment including Alcoa, Zalkin, Arol, Krones, Federal, Fogg, US Bottlers, AVE and more. Dairy heads for 358 DBJ 38 mm closure standard.


Morrison-CHS bottle control parts including timing screws, bottle change parts, custom timing screw drive systems, change-parts carts and multiple custom container handling solutions.


Machine support, service and aftermarket parts for selected machines including fill valves, gears, rotary unions and more.