Counter Pressure Filling

Counter Pressure Filling and Process Blending

JD Machinery Sales and Service works with Linker Equipment providing counter pressure filling machinery and products for beer, soft drinks, sparkling water, and carbonated filling of all types. Our filling solutions include top notch filling systems, carbonation systems, fermentation tanks and process blending with a wide array of modern features and capabilities that increase efficiency and productivity. If you are interested in requesting a quote or receiving more information about any of the following products, click here to e-mail us and we will get back to you right away!

Bottle and Can Filling and Seaming Systems

Our ProFill line of bottle, can and keg filling systems range from 3bbl up to 100bbl brewhouses. In addition to our rotary bottle and can filling equipment we offer a turnkey system for the complete packaging line from depal thru the end of line pack-off. Our engineers work with our clients to provide a custom line specific to each location and requirement. Our services include full control over the beer handling from the brite tank to the bottle or can.

  • Very low Total Package Oxygen (TPO) pickup during the fill cycle
  • Precise fill control based on proven mechanical level filling design specifically for beer
  • Heavy duty construction for maintenance free operation and reliability
  • Allen-Bradly PLC controlled automation
  • US based service, support and spare and change parts availability

Counter Pressure Bottle Filler System

Our line of rotary bottle fillers is designed to deliver world-class filling technology and performance in a small foot-print and at a great value. Our bottling equipment is an automatic, monobloc bottle filling system comprised of a rotary water rinser, counter-pressure-gravity filler, and turret mounted crowner.

Bottle filler models range from 50 bpm (12oz) up to speeds in excess of 300bpm (12oz.). All of our rotary Bottle fillers are flexible enough to run a full range of bottle shapes and sizes. Take the next step and move from slow speed, manual and inline filling systems to our top-notch bottle filler systems.

  • Models of 50 to 300 bottles per minute available
  • Single or Double Pre-Evacuation for very low oxygen pickup
  • MonoBloc: Rinser-Filler-Crowner design
  • Variable speed operation with electronic bowl level control for precise filling control
  • Adjustable Rinser-Filler-Crowner height adjustment for different size containersSuitable for beer, soda or any carbonated beverage

Counter Pressure Can Filling and Seaming System

Our line of rotary can fillers is a state-of-the-art, high-speed, mechanically controlled can filling system designed around proven European counter-pressure-gravity filling technology and can seaming technology. The rotary can is customized for either beer or soda with a single or double purge. Machines can handle a variety of can sizes and volumes offering today’s craft brewers and small soda and carbonated flavored water bottlers a wide range of flexibility. Our can filler systems achieve filling speeds ranging from 80 cans per minute with (12oz. cans) up to 300 cans per minute while delivering very precise fill levels, very low O2 pickup and minimal product loss.

  • Vent-tube fill height control system with true counter-pressure-gravity filling technology for high-speed operation and superior product yield
  • Valve is lowered to the can for reduced maintenance needs and improved container control
  • Rotary filler and seamer design on a common-base with a tangential discharge, ensures perfect synchronization, high-speed operation, and reliable mechanical maintainability
  • Quick & easy adjustable Filler-Seamer height adjustment for different size containers (i.e. 12oz & 16oz.)
ProCarb Beer Carbonation Machinery

Process Blending

Our Fermentation and Brite tanks can be designed to perfectly match the output of a brewhouse or can be purchased individually to meet any brewery’s growth. Design parameters such as, stainless steel selection & quality, cooling rates, insulation, cladding and supporting structure are designed to protect product integrity, maximize production yield and efficiency, and save energy and money for our customers.

ProCellar Beer Fermentation Tank Cellar

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