Waterfall Cap Sorting, Cap Chutes, and Cap Transport

Cap Feeding and Sorting Solutions

JD Machinery offers a complete solution for high speed cap feeding, sorting and transport. The high speed waterfall sorter will provide speeds in excess of 1500 caps per minute on the “mini” water caps. We also have solutions for sport caps, large diameter food closures and more. We do this without compressed air thru the use of a regenerative air blower. This reduces plant compressed air consumption while reducing energy costs. The custom bin design protects the closure tamper band while also providing options for bulk loading.

An optional bin heater is available for keeping cap temperatures in spec in the winter time reducing application rejects and broken tamper bands. Most importantly the sorting job is not complete until the cap is delivered to the capper. We provide air conveyor for cap transport with single or multi track options including the latest quick change features. We complete the package with heavy duty cap chutes including an upside down cap detection and reject system.

For those that need replacement belts and cap chutes for existing machinery we offer machinery audits and high quality replacements parts.

  • New sorters to 1200 caps per minute or higher
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Built in regenerative blower with HEPA filtration
  • Touch screen operator interface
  • Air knife eliminates compressed air
  • Complete control panel standard with AB plc
  • High performance cap discharge with automatic cap clean out

Air Knife for Cap Blow Off


High Performance Discharge


Cap Air Conveyor

Cap Sorters

Custom Cap Chutes


Bulk Cap Dumpers


Automated Cap Recovery

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