Used and Rebuilt Capping Machinery

Rebuild and Replacement Parts

We represent quality rebuilt machinery for filling, Screw and ROPP capping, waterfall cap sorters, chutes and all manner of cap handling equipment. At JD Machinery, we have a complete inventory of brand new replacement parts including spindles, gears, trans grip arms, and more for existing machinery. We offer full rebuild services and support for your plant’s machinery including initial start-up and qualification.

Rebuilt Machinery

Rebuilt Capping Machine

Alcoa Cappers

We offer rebuilt Alcoa capping machinery with conversions made to ROPP capping heads. Full rebuilds are offered with warranty. Complete packages of replacement parts are available including everything from spindle rebuilds to gears, and more.

Capem Cappers

We also offer Consolidated (Capem) TG cappers rebuilt with all new parts to meet today’s safety standards. Limited warranties are available with our rebuilt machinery. Magnetic capping headsets are available to replace Tork Open chucks on the machinery.

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