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We represent quality machinery for filling, screw and ROPP capping, waterfall cap sorters, chutes and all manner of cap handling equipment. Applications include carbonated (beer, energy drinks, soda), hot fill juice, water and dairy. Our pick and place free-standing cappers include spindle speed control, custom enclosed cams and quick change spindles. All machines available with HEPA filtration guarding. The following is just a few of our most popular machinery options:

Triblock Systems

Pressure Gravity Filling System

Free Standing Rotary Capping Equipment

Net Weight and Metering Filling System


handles today’s ultra lightweight packages with speeds up to 1,200 bpm.

pressure gravity filling system

comes with full neck handling.


Pick and Place capper with 4 to 30 heads, designed for both multi lead and single lead closures. Features include dual purpose head slides option for ROPP and screw caps, upside down cap rejection, bottle anti-rotation control, articulating chucks corrosion resistance stainless steel construction. For Aerosol, flip top, press-on, dispensing, long and short skirt ROPP, sport caps, overcaps and pre-threaded caps of all types. Cap sizes to 110 mm.


Volumetric flow meter or net weigh fillers for milk, automotive, household, foamy and viscous products such as detergents.

JD Machinery is now the exclusive US representative for Linker Equipment’s free standing bottle cappers.

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