What are Cap Chucks?

Bottle cap chucks are the crucial interface between the capping machine and the bottle for a successful cap application. A quality designed and manufactured chuck is front line to a happy consumer. Since bottle caps vary in size, style, and shape depending on the product, capping chucks are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and types.

Capping Chucks for Every Situation

We supply a wide range of aftermarket capping chucks for Alcoa, Arol, Federal, Fogg, Krones, US Bottlers, and more. Chucks include one piece beverage chucks and gripper chucks of all types and styles. We work with all industries and their respective capping needs including juices, water distilled spirits, food, pharmaceutical, and all closure types and sizes. We can help you design the perfect solution to your capping system needs for new closures or provide direct replacements at a budget saving price. To request a quote for capping chucks that suit your specific needs, e-mail us via the form at the bottom of the page and we will get in touch with you right away!

Capping Chucks

Gripper Chucks

Machines designed with a gripper require custom engineering. We use 3D Auto CAD design and then provide full documentation for future maintenance needs.

Rubber Lined Jaws

Rubber lined jaws are chucks with rubber lining around the gripping jaws that allow more delicate handling such as smooth sided or metal closures. We provide custom molded designs.

Solid Chucks

Solid chucks are machined from appropriate materials to prevent future corrosion, yet offer the hardness to provide a long life on the machinery. Each chuck is designed to match the cap and be a direct drop in on the equipment.

Gripper Cap Chuck
Rubber Lined Jaw Cap Chuck
Solid Cap Chuck

Dairy Chucks

Dairy style chucks to run with standard dairy machines. Capping chuck houses for 38 DBJ closures are available for fast delivery. Custom chucks available for all closures.

Consolidated Tork Open Chucks (CAPEM)

The unique TorkOpen chuck replaces friction clutches and magnets and offers highly accurate torque control. This capping chuck operates with a cocked spring and torque-sensitive trigger. Jaws release the cap when pre-set torque is attained giving a highly accurate and repeatable application torque with minimal maintenance.

Aftermarket chucks for the following OEMs

  • Alcoa
  • Amco
  • Arol
  • Blackhawk STS Systems
  • Federal
  • Filler Specialties
  • Fogg
  • US Bottlers
  • Zalkin
  • Krones

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